Who we are

YogiLab is a collective of social entrepreneurs dedicated to leveling up as a lifestyle. We realize that there are many roads to Rome, many paths up the same mountain, and just as many ways to become a developed human being. We know that real practice leads to power, and we want to give that power to as many people as possible. Our dream is to build a community of individuals who are actively making use of these tools in their lives, and sharing the benefits with the rest of us – because it’s more fun when we grow together. So, we’ve dedicated ourselves to exploring these techniques, logging the results, and simplifying the methods so that others can follow in our footsteps.

Why ‘Yogi Lab’?

A long time ago, yogis were people who put their lives on the line in the name of truth,
to achieve union with the divine, and to understand the fabric of the universe. Some traditions are worth reviving.

Our Mission


The YogiLab team are a collective born out of a desire to help people access their true power, and to find out what the limits of human potential really are.

We believe as a rule that humans are amazing. Given the right tools and approach, everyone can grow into a better version of themselves - guru not necessary. All it takes is the will to explore and access this dormant potential that has been left untapped.

Human history has given us many tools to choose from to do this. So we will dust those tools off and find out which ones work, and which don’t.

We will be the guinea pigs for this experiment. Acknowledging that we don’t know what the results will be is liberating, not disempowering. It allows us to explore, test, and be honest about what we find. No personal agendas, belief systems, or taboos will stop us from telling the truth about our experiences.

Once we have mined the gold out of these traditions and their practices, we will refine what we’ve found into simple and direct steps that anyone can apply to their lives. Our courses and guides will never be convoluted or shrouded in mystery, they will be practical and effective - and the more powerful because of this. Always remembering that real growth comes from direct experience, not theoretical understanding alone.

Each practice will also change us, and we will allow space for this change to influence our creativity and output. Giving a voice to the range of feelings and skills that may have been unlocked by our journey.

As we grow, everything we’ve learnt will be offered openly to anyone. And then the real experiment begins… how much of a shift can the actions of a few individuals produce? We’ll find out.

Do you resonate with what we stand for?