By now, everybody has probably heard of breathwork and its countless healing benefits. There are also many retreats and courses out there to give you the taste of the medicine. But none of these approaches give you instant transformation and help you turn this newly gained skill into a successful business in just 10 days. None, expect Breath Masters

A brand new approach to an ancestral technique 

Knowing that up to 14 generations of trauma gets stored in our DNA, we need a pretty powerful tool to deconstruct and heal all of that. And although traditional breathwork schools have greatly helped in this process, none of them reached that depth. So what’s different with Breath Masters?


After recognizing the limitless power that the ancient practice of breathwork has to offer, co-founder of Breath Masters Brian Kelly went on a mission to make this healing modality not only more accessible to the modern audience, but also more potent, more beneficial, and ever-more powerful. He’s here to kick some butts, and his signature 9D breathwork journey experience helps him do just that. 

The principle is very simple. 

You lay down, put on some good headphones, and breathe like a mad man to the sound of Brian’s words and hand-picked sound tracks that reach your subconscious and dig into all layers of your being to bring everything that needs to be seen to the surface. 

And the impact is very profound. 

As its name suggests, B Kelly’s signature 9D breathwork immersion gets you from all dimensions at the same time. That’s how you access those 14-generations deep trauma patters. That’s how you heal them. That’s how you change your life, and the life of the people around you forever. 

Ready to get your butt kicked? 

Yes, you. Stop waiting for the next thing that will help you be a happier and better functioning human being. The sad truth is nothing and no one will do that for you. And as frightening and discouraging as this may sound, it also reveals something completely life-changing: You have the power to heal yourself. And all the generations before you. And all those that will follow. The only thing you need is to breathe. 

So let’s support each other in our journeys. Let’s breathe together. Let’s all become Breath Masters and change the world. Check out their Breathwork Facilitator Training!  

You can change the life of your clients in just 1 session 

If you’re already on the healing path and are a coach yourself, you’re probably open to learning a skill that can:

  1. Get faster results for your clients
  2. Make coaching all the more fulfilling 
  3. And make you more money 


Yes you read that right. Sound a bit unrealistic? Well, that’s simply because the modern coaching industry has had the wrong focus all this time, and Breath Masters is here to change that. 

Just like they did: