In this episode of the YogiLab Book Club, we talk about a book that is quite possibly our favorite fiction revenge novel of all time: ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ by Alexander Dumas.

Aren and Dave focus on the 3 life lessons that each of them took out of reading the Count!

So, you haven’t read it, check out our big takeaways from the book so you can look out for them when you discover them in this epic revenge novel.

And if you have read it, let us know which life lessons you took from reading this epic novel drop a comment on our video on Youtube.

On the next episode of the YogiLab Book Club, we will let you know why you’ve got to check out ‘Turning Pro’ by Steven Pressfield.

Happy reading fellow bookworms!

P.S You can get the book on Amazon by clicking this link.

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